Last week we shared some reasons why cycling is a fantastic form of exercise. This week, to continue with the same theme, we thought we’d share some useful resources for anyone who’s interested in digging deeper into cycling around the city of Newcastle.

Below you’ll find links to local cycling groups, hubs, shops, routes, and guides all based in or around Newcastle upon Tyne. We hope you’ll find them useful.

Cycling and walking: a match made in heaven

What makes cycling such a wonderful hobby is that not only is it great for mental and physical health, but it’s accessible. In other words: you don’t need heaps of money, equipment, or existing fitness to get going. Another form of exercise that strikes a similar chord is, of course, walking (although walking is, on the whole, more affordable and accessible).

But why choose between the two when you can just do both? So when you’ve finally exhausted all the resources on the above list, and you just fancy a good old-fashioned walk to mix up your cycling routine, then take a look at these 6 wonderful walking routes in Newcastle.