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There are many reasons to ride a bike. Whether its to increase your health, decrease your commuting costs, or lower your carbon footprint, making a habit of cycling may be one of the best personal investments you can make.

And in terms of fitness, cycling is a wonderful addition to any workout regime. Both its low-impact nature and accessibility make it the perfect choice for everyday exercise.

So whether you want a bike for work, leisure, or just a good old fashioned leg workout, keep reading for x reasons why cycling is amazing for the mind and body.

Promotes mental wellbeing

In the words of Mark Martin (whose Ted Talk we’ve featured below), “You really cannot be sad on a bicycle”. There are a number of reasons why people believe that cycling is good for mental health. One potential factor is the semi-meditative state that cycling puts us in. The rhythm and motion of cycling can help to calm and quiet our minds, whilst at the same time the need to maintain constant awareness keeps our brains active enough to shut out all distractions.

Offers a low-impact cardio workout

A huge advantage that cycling has over lots of other exercise forms is its low-impact nature. A gentle/moderate cycling routine presents a much lower risk of injury than some other more intense styles of cardio training. This is not only good news for beginners and those with lower levels of fitness, but it’s good for everyone. Cycling is the kind of hobby you can keep with you all through your life.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how fit you are, or how well-conditioned you are. As long as you have a bike, and as long as you can ride it, then you’ll always have access to a source of cardio exercise.

Cycling kicks off your day in a positive way

If you cycle to work then it’s one of the first things you’ll do in a morning, which can have a hugely positive impact on the rest of your day. Pedalling a few miles before even sitting down for your 9am coffee can bring a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction.

In fact, cycling has been identified as the happiest way to commute to work. According to a paper in Science Direct, there are four components that contribute to higher levels of commuter satisfaction in cyclists: “1) A high degree of commuting control and ‘arrival-time reliability’; 2) Enjoyable levels of sensory stimulation; 3) The ‘feel better’ effects of moderate intensity exercise; and 4) Greater opportunities for social interaction”.

Ted Talks On Cycling

Now, for a bit more inspiration and information, we thought we’d share two fantastic Ted Talks on the wonders of cycling. Enjoy!

Bicycling For Life: Mark Martin


The Amazing Way Bicycles Change You: Anthony Desnick


Walk, Cycle, Run, Swim

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