Photo by Cliff Booth.

Yin Yoga is an excellent practice for restoring both the body and the mind. Whether used as a recovery method for athletes, an anti-stress tonic for busy people, or a simple tool for unwinding in the evening, this slow and soothing yoga style has something to offer to everyone.

We’ve written about the benefits of Yin Yoga previously on the blog, so today we thought we’d jump straight in and share some great classes for you to try at home. The videos below range from 15 to 90 minutes in length, and are presented from shortest to longest. So whatever your time restraints, we hope there’s a class here to suit your schedule.

15 Minute Mindful Relax & Restore Yin Yoga Practice


Yin Yoga for Inner Peace, Calm and Joy


Stretch the day’s tension away with this yin yoga sequence (35-minute practice) | Rituals


Yin Yoga Without Props – Full Body Yin Yoga for Beginners


45min. Yin Yoga “FULL BODY STRETCH” with Travis


50 Minute Full Body Yin Yoga Practice | Breathe and Flow Yoga


1 Hour Yin Yoga Class Without Props – Full Body Yin Yoga Class


Complete 1 hour Yin Yoga Session | Michael Bijker – Yogalap

Yoga and more

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