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Lots of things have changed in 2020. From how we shop to how to we socialise, many aspects of our daily lives have been completely transformed.

The health and fitness industry is one that has undergone enormous changes over the last year, and one thing that may continue to transform well into 2021 is how we keep fit and workout.

So, reflecting on this, we thought we’d share 4 fitness trends to watch out for in 2021!

Virtual fitness

Albeit due to necessity, online fitness has boomed in 2020, and it’s unlikely that the trend will stop anytime soon.

Virtual fitness classes are now a staple of many gyms. And with countless fitness apps, subscription services, and YouTube channels, the digital wellness world is only set to expand.

So 2021 might yet be the year of virtual fitness!

Home gyms

On the back of virtual fitness comes, naturally, the rise of home gyms. We’ve written on the subject of home gyms previously, as they’re an excellent idea for people who like to exercise in private.

But with all that’s happened over the last year, the concept a home gym has likely gained a bit of momentum due to its affordability and practicality. And as 2021 progresses, we might see home gyms becoming permanent fixtures in households up and down the country. 

Mental wellbeing

Coronavirus has had an enormous impact on mental health. Studies earlier this year revealed that depression rates in British adults had doubled since before the pandemic.

But one strategy that many individuals have employed in response to these more uncertain and stressful times is to actively look after their mental health. Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness are just a few examples of exercises that are gaining more popularity due to their relaxing and stress-reducing qualities.

The trend towards mindfulness, stress-management, and emotional wellbeing is likely to continue well into the new year, as more and more people discover the life-changing effects of strengthening their mind-body connection.

Smart technology

Last week we posted a list of 4 great fitness gadgets to enhance your workouts, and it might have been a rather timely article. This is because wearable technology and fitness gadgets will very probably continue to grow in popularity as the new year unfolds. 

Smart technology can seriously enhance your fitness regime. And whatever your goals, it’s likely that there’s a piece of tech out there dedicated to helping you achieve them.

People are becoming much more concerned with metrics and measurements, and there’s an increasing trend towards progress tracking and health monitoring. Smart technology, particularly the kind that you can wear (think smart watches), is designed to make your workouts more engaging, precise, and rewarding.

And just as the technology is constantly being refined and improved, so too is it becoming more accessible and popular.

Keep well and have a nice Christmas

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And from everyone at Jesmond Pool & Gym, we hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas.