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We live in a time of unprecedented connectivity and technological advancement, and as the innovations keep coming we’re seeing technology merge with our lives on a deeper and ever more personal level.

And whilst this may rouse suspicion in some, it certainly can’t be denied that in many areas technology can stand to seriously improve our productivity, progress, and wellbeing.

The fitness industry is one which has seen an explosion in smart technology, with new apps and devices constantly emerging. So no matter what benefit you’re seeking, chances are there’s a smart product out there for you – regardless of how niche it may seem.

But on a more simplistic and general level, there are certain gadgets that are more universal and can be adapted to almost any fitness regime or health goal. So for a brief overview, we thought we’d share 4 fitness gadgets that almost anyone could find useful!

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FitBit – the well-known and well-loved smartwatch that’s been a go-to for fitness fanatics for years. Adding a FitBit to your collection of workout gear is a great idea for anyone who likes to stay organised, keep motivated, and track their progress.

There are lots of features in these watches (more or less depending on the model you go for), and there really is an option for everybody. From sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring to stress management and breath rate measurement.

For anyone looking to digitise their exercise regime and upgrade to a smart lifestyle, smartwatches are an absolute must, and a FitBit is always a safe option.


A home gym in a portable cube? Sounds suitably futuristic to us.

The FITT Cube is a very interesting fitness tool. Providing cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance and power training, and boasting over 100 individual exercises to target every muscle in the body, all in a cube that’s less than 50cm tall.

It’s built from steel, so offers peace of mind in terms of durability. And it comes with some impressive extras including custom resistance bands and an exercise chart.

The FIIT Cube seems perfectly suited to those confined to smaller spaces, or anyone who simply enjoys performing full-body workouts at home. 

It’s innovative, well-designed, and relatively discreet. All-in-all, something not to be overlooked by the gadget-conscious gym buff. 

Smart Scales

Now, we’ve all got a set of basic weighing scales lying around the house somewhere (usually tucked away behind the bathroom door where they’re easy to forget about). But when it comes to serious health and fitness progress monitoring, sometimes a run-of-the-mill scale just doesn’t do the job.

This is where smart scales come in. In addition to showing your weight, smart scales take a plethora of other measurements, including BMI, body fat, bone mass, and muscle mass. The exact metrics covered will vary from scale to scale, but most of them come with Android and iOS apps for smartphone pairing, and with the level of detail and depth they provide, they can really help take your fitness to the next level.

And with certain models starting at £34.99, budget doesn’t have to be an issue. 

To browse through a selection of top-rated smart scales, see here.

Wireless earphones

Because what workout is complete without music? In fact, for many people music is an absolutely essential component of their exercise routines, providing motivation and an extra layer of enjoyment.

But we’ve all experienced the less-than-ideal scenario of our arms getting caught in earphone wires, painfully tugging the buds out of our ears…

Though a good pair of wireless earphones might prove most valuable to runners, they’re still an excellent addition to any tech-savvy workout kit.

But it’s important to know what you’re getting. After all, what would be worse than buying a pair of wireless earbuds only to lose one during your first run? This is where the true workout-friendly models come in — earphones specifically designed with running, jumping, and spinning in mind.

For a more in-depth breakdown of different wireless earphone models and their various strengths, take a look at this article.

Kit for keeping fit

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