Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius from Pexels

Ballet is an amazing discipline for children to learn. It teaches elegance and poise whilst providing an intense physical practise, and offers a demanding pastime that’s both character building and highly rewarding.   

It’s always great to expose children to new hobbies and skills at an age when they’re still inquisitive and curious to learn new things. And for anyone considering introducing their child to ballet, we’ve listed 4 benefits of learning this classical dance style that we think make it well worth the pursuit.

Teamwork and social skills

Ballet is an excellent way for children to build on their team-working and social skills. Although at first glance dancing appears to be more of a solitary exercise, there’s actually a lot of teamwork involved.

There are lots of times, for example, when dancers are required to perform in groups, synchronising their movements with one another and keeping in perfect time.   

Also, as they will be learning in a group environment, children have the opportunity forge new friendships, improve on their communication skills, and overcome shyness.

Discipline and respect

For anyone, child or adult, to become a good ballet dancer requires lots of hard work and discipline. For starters, ballet dancers need to be committed and dedicated to showing up to lessons on a regular basis.

But on top of this, ballet is a very difficult craft to master, and along the way students will face many pitfalls and obstacles. Learning to overcome difficulties and continue to practise even when things are tough is an invaluable way of learning patience, discipline, and humility.

As well as this, ballet dancers are taught to respect their teachers and adhere to strict studio etiquette. Which is invaluable for teaching children the important role that respect plays in the teacher/student relationship.

Health and wellbeing

Teaching children the importance of exercise at a young age helps to instil in them a lifelong respect for a healthy lifestyle. And it also helps them build healthy habits at an impressionable age, so that exercise and activity may come more naturally and agreeably to them in later life. 

Ballet can help to boost balance and coordination and promote good posture. And the lessons themselves act as a form of cardio exercise, which will improve stamina and endurance.


As children accomplish more in their ballet practise, learning new moves and dances, so too will their self-confidence increase. There are few things better than the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies the mastery of a physical discipline. And as children become more self-assured, skilful, and capable dancers, their self-esteem will continue to increase.

Dancing is also an excellent way for children to expend excess energy, which will make them feel great.

Also, live performances onstage, though of course nerve-racking, may help children approach other high-pressure situations (such as exams) with more poise and composure.

To the barre!

Here at Jesmond Pool we’ll be running children’s ballet in the New Year, so if it’s something your child might be interested in, keep your eyes on our social media pages for updates! In the mean time, why not take a look at our earlier post on the benefits of ballet for adults?