With Wimbledon 2018 now officially underway, what better time to write about the fitness routines of the best tennis players in the world? And who better to write about than Britain’s very own Andy Murray (even though he’s not actually at Wimbledon this year. . .).

Three-time Grand Slam tournament winner and two-time Olympic champion, Andy Murray stands proudly at the apex of British men’s tennis. But behind his success on the court lies an intense and rigorous training regime.

Lasting anywhere up to six hours, Murray’s daily fitness programme is something to behold.   

Murray has, in fact, attributed much of his on-court success to his off-court training, as he stated in an interview, “. . . I’ve learned that it’s better to do just a couple of hours on court and two gym sessions a day. That’s what’s made me fitter and stronger.” And with tennis matches sometimes lasting several hours, it’s imperative for players to keep in peak physical shape.

So, here are Andy Murray’s cardio and strength workouts, as reported by Men’s Health



– One mile run, easy pace.

Straight-line leg lunges, side-lunges, reverse lunges — ten per leg.

– 4 x 400m relaxed runs.

400m runs:

– Set a repeated interval timer of 85 seconds.

– Run 400m (aim to finish before the beep).

– Rest for 85 seconds.

– Repeat 10 times.


– Slow mile-long run.

– Light stretching.

– After 2 hours, stretch again.



– 10 reps of each forthcoming lift with 50% of the weight.

Training (6 sets of 5 reps of each exercise):

  Back squat.

1m box jump.

Walking lunge (with a dumbbell in each hand).

Cycle split jump.

Weighted pull-up (using weighted belt).

– 5kg medicine ball throw-down.

Weighted dip.

– 5kg medicine ball chest-pass.

Lateral side-lunge.

– Max distance lateral hop.

Cable wood chop.

– 5kg medicine ball throw.

Olympic Lift:  

– 5 sets of 5 reps.


– Light stretching.

– 10 minute ice bath (Temperature of 10 degrees).

– After two hours, heavy static stretching.

– Massage.

Do it like Murray

For a more comprehensive breakdown of Murray’s training programme, take a look at this great article by Steve G Tennis.

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