Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is not only about ‘Physical Exercise’, emphasis should also be made on ‘Mental Exercise’ to build one’s level of concentration during practice. Tai chi is one of the most beneficial and enjoyable ways of balancing Mind, Body and Spirit. The soft flowing movements help circulate (Chi), the energy within our bodies, which will help to make the body more relaxed, supple and healthy.

What is Tai Chi

A translation for the words ‘Tai Chi’ is ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’. Tai Chi has three main areas of knowledge, which are Philosophy, Martial Arts and Healing. The connection between these three elements is ‘Chi’, which is our internal life force. So if you want a sound foundation of what Tai Chi is about, then it’s the three elements and increases one’s chi energy.

A Brief history of Tai Chi

The first time the words Tai Chi was used, was in the book of changes, Zhou Dynasty (221 BC), In the 16th century chen wanting created the chen style. In the 19th century Yang Luchan (1799-1872) created the Yang style. One of the sons of Yang Luchan, Yang Banhou created the Wu Style.

Tai Chi Timetable

Tuesday between 9.50 am and 11 am
Friday between 9.50 am and 11 am

£4.20 per session age 16 plus