It’s that time of year again. The mince pies have been eaten. All the drinks have been drunk. The festivities are over, and now it’s time for normal life to resume once more. For many of us this means not only going back to work, but getting back into a healthy and active routine.

So, to help you through the January blues, here are some of our top tips on post-Christmas fitness.

Make a plan

At Christmas time our schedules can get incredibly disrupted. With much less work and much more socialising, our daily routines go out of the window. And we can often use the holidays as an excuse to switch off from our health and fitness pursuits.

The first thing, then, is to clear space in our diaries for exercise. Whether it’s one, two, or three days per week. For an hour, or more, or less. It’s important to commit to a specific time and duration. It makes us more accountable to ourselves, and protects our exercise routine from being disrupted by other plans.

So get out your diary, find a free slot, and write, in big block capitals: ‘EXERCISE’.

Set goals

You might want to lose a certain amount of weight, gain a certain amount of muscle, or just get on the treadmill three times a week. Whatever it is, setting goals will help to keep you motivated and get back on track after a Christmas lull.

Goals are especially important after taking a break from exercise. They give us a reason to get into the gym and start working. And, more importantly, they give us a long-term target to aim for, making us less likely to quit.

The trick is to make sure that your goals are realistic, achievable, and enjoyable to pursue.

Book a class

There’s nothing quite like the fear of booking a class after a few weeks away from the gym. It may be a terrifying prospect, but it’s a surefire way to kickstart your fitness routine back into shape!

Classes are brilliant for accountability. Taking part in group exercise means that your absence will likely be noticed. So it’s harder to justify a day off. Also, going online and signing up for a class has a concrete feeling about it. You’ve committed.

Even if you don’t normally attend classes, they’re a very good option for a post-Christmas reboot. You could even take one or two per week for the first month before getting back into your regular routine.

Final thoughts

No matter who you are, or how motivated, there’s no denying the struggle of getting back into fitness after the Christmas period (or any holiday, for that matter). But it’s a hurdle we all must jump. And with the right attitude and strategy, it’s more than possible to overcome. So get your gear on, and get back into it!

If you’re just starting out, why not take a look at some of our membership plans? Alternatively, if you’re already a user of Jesmond Community Leisure, you can find a full list of available classes here.