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Zumba is an exciting workout involving dance and aerobic movements. It’s based on salsa and other Latin dance styles, and offers a lively, fun, and energetic fitness class for everyone. But for those who’ve never tried it before, you may be a little reluctant to get involved before learning more. 

So let’s take a look at what makes Zumba a great workout, and how you can use it to dance your way to fitness!

The general health benefits of Zumba

As always, first things first. What are the health benefits of Zumba? Well, one study found that, after one hour of Zumba, participants had burned an average of 817 calories. That’s more than cycling and running. So as far as fat burning is concerned, we could all do much worse than a weekly Zumba session.

Also, because it involves dancing, Zumba will increase your coordination. This isn’t necessarily a direct health benefit, but indirectly it means you’re less likely to fall over and injure yourself. This can be especially beneficial for the elderly.

Zumba is also a great full-body cardiovascular workout. Because you’re dancing, you’re using your entire body. And because of the fast-paced nature, and sustained duration, of dancing, it elevates your heart rate.

It’s fun

One thing that’s undeniable: Zumba is fun. Unlike many other workouts, it’s not just about reps and sets. It’s about dancing. In this way, Zumba doesn’t feel like an ordinary workout. It’s more lively and, in some respects, more enjoyable. In other words, you’ll never dread leaving the house to go to a Zumba class.

Also, if you’re the kind of person who is easily bored by a regular gym routine, Zumba could be perfect for you.

This brings us to the social side of things. Zumba is a fitness class. But at its heart it’s really a dance class. And dancing is naturally social. When people dance, they usually dance together. It’s natural. So Zumba feels comfortable, and there’s always a strong group dynamic. And because of this, you don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious.   

It’s good for routine

A huge advantage of participating in Zumba is that you can find classes everywhere. There are 15 million people currently taking part in Zumba, in over 200,000 locations in 180 countries around the world. This means that no matter where you are, you can probably find a Zumba class nearby.

And even if there aren’t any classes around, there are plenty of DVDs and online videos to keep you going. So even if it’s snowing and you’re stuck at home, your Zumba routine doesn’t have to suffer for it.

It’s for anyone

Some people are put off by the idea of dancing, believing that it requires too much technical skill and flexibility. But Zumba, though a dance-based workout, definitely wasn’t made only for those who know their salsa from their rumba. Zumba was designed to suit anyone. It’s supposed to suit both beginner and advanced participants alike. In fact, it’s even been referred to as “exercise in disguise.” So don’t be put off if you’ve never danced before!

Really, it’s not about how fit you are. It’s about having fun, letting go, getting healthy, and working out in the most feel-good way possible.    

Zumba time?

Want to get your dancing shoes on? If the answer is yes, then why not come along to one of our Zumba classes at Jesmond Pool and Gym? Classes run weekly on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. For more information on times and prices, visit our Zumba class page.