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Smart phones have changed the way we live. From how we communicate to how we shop and play games. They’ve revolutionised modern life in endless ways, making things more convenient and accessible than ever before. But one of the aspects of daily life they’ve changed the most is how we exercise.

With a smart phone in our pocket, we can track our activities in more detail than ever before. This is especially true of running. And whether you’re a complete beginner, a seasoned marathon runner, or a casual jogger, there’s an app out there to suit your needs and goals and push you the extra mile.

In this post we’ve rounded up 9 great running apps, covering every skill level and exercise goal.


For the beginner


One You Couch To 5K 

Designed for the absolute beginner, Couch To 5k is a 9-week programme designed to get you (as you might have guessed) from the sitting on the couch to running a 5k. The programme consists of 3 runs per week, with the difficulty increasing each successive week. The added bonus? You can choose from a selection of celebrity voice coaches to guide you along as you go.


For the socialite



This is one for the lonely runners out there.

Struggling to drag your friends and family out for a Sunday morning jog? Runmates has you covered. It’s an app that lets people meet fellow runners and coaches in their local area, arrange and join runs, and build a community of like-minded individuals. Runmates is all about the community.

Available for Android and IOS.



Social media-meets-running. Endomondo is an incredibly social app, complete with its own news feed so you can follow friends and spur them on. It also allows you to send and receive pep talks, join and set-up challenges, and discover and create routes in your local area which people can compete to become the “champion” of.

Available for Android and IOS.


For the easily bored


Zombies, Run!

Over 1 million runners have played Zombies, Run!, which tells you something about this unique and immersive story-focussed running app.

In Zombies, Run! You take on the role of a zombie apocalypse survivor, Runner 5, and have to run to gather supplies, rescue survivors, and defend your home, all whilst being chased by the undead hoard. For those who are interested in combining their workouts with some top quality immersive storytelling, this is a great choice.

Available for Android and IOS.


Run An Empire 

Run An Empire offers an interesting and unique gaming/fitness crossover experience. It’s essentially an empire-building game crossed with a running app. The premise is simple enough: you run to collect coins, and you spend those coins to upgrade, evolve, and expand your civilisation. Sounds addictive enough to keep you running.   

Available for Android and IOS.


For the fundraiser


Charity Miles 

Raising money for charity on your morning run? That’s two helpings of feel good and some extra motivation to boot. Here’s how it works: you download the app, choose your charity, and run. Simple. And for every mile you move, Charity Miles will donate money to your chosen cause. Get fit and do good, all with one app!


For the traveller


Runnin’ City

Runnin’ City offers 450 “running tours” in 150 cities across the world, divided into 5, 10 and 15km routes. It even features an audio guide, and gives you a 30 second factual tidbit when you pass a point of interest. A great choice for travelling runners. And don’t worry, it still measures all the basic metrics. So not only are you getting a local history lesson, but you’ll know how far you’ve run, how fast, and how many calories you’ve burned.

Available for Android and IOS.


For the no nonsense runner



A very popular and widely endorsed fitness app, Strava is a feature-heavy all-rounder. It measures your progress, connects you to other runners around the world, and even features a tracking option that allows your family to see where you are whilst out running. It comes highly rated, and is a good option for anyone who wants to simply track and share their progress.

Available for Android and IOS.


Nike+ Run Club 

Another all-rounder that features coaching, workouts, progress tracking, and achievement unlocks. Like Strava, this is currently (at the time of writing) an Editors’ Choice on the App Store. And, as it’s a Nike product, it’s likely a safe choice for anyone new to the fitness app world who’s looking for a quality experience.

Available for Android and IOS.


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