Photo by Sam Owoyemi on Unsplash.

The push-up. It’s a classic bodyweight exercise that’s been around forever. But in these modern times, with myriad machines and equipment to support and supercharge our workout regimes, the humble push-up is often dismissed.

But that’s a shame, because it’s an incredibly effective and versatile exercise, targeting multiple muscles and allowing you to workout in even the tightest spaces.

So to demonstrate just how much of a flexible all-rounder it really is, we thought we’d share 9 push-up variations which you can use to compliment workout sessions and improve your overall strength and endurance.

Windmill push-up

A challenging movement which is great for targeting the abs and building core stability.

Decline push-up

All you need for this is something to elevate your feet. Great for the upper chest and front of the shoulders.



Do it like Spider Man! A controlled, crawling variation, great for the core and sides of the torso.

Pike push-up

An excellent choice for beginners, the pike variation conditions the upper-body muscles without requiring you to press your full bodyweight.

Wide grip 

Just like the original, only with the hands placed further apart. Great for building up the chest.

Medicine ball push-up

If you prefer exercising with equipment, grab a medicine ball and you’re good to go. This one is excellent for building core strength and stability. It’s also good for the pecs.

Incline push-up

Like the decline variation, only the opposite way around.

Exercise ball push-up

If you find medicine balls too small/heavy/hard to handle, this could be the alternative you’re looking for. It’s also a fantastic core stability exercise.


There are endless ways to workout. But as with many other things in life, when it comes to exercise, variety is the key to success! Combining bodyweight training with weight-lifting, cardio, and machine-based exercises is an excellent way to develop functional and well-rounded fitness.

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