Photo by Li Sun from Pexels. Whatever your reasons for working out – better performance in the pool, weight loss, muscle gain, or general wellbeing – it’s always crucial to work on the lower body.

After all, our largest muscle (gluteus maximus) is located in the lower body. So if we’re looking to build overall strength, be it for day-to-day tasks or competitive sports, we should be careful to never miss leg day!

So to help expand your exercise arsenal, we’re sharing 8 exercises that are excellent for building lower body strength. Enjoy!

Bulgarian Split Squats

Single Leg Dead Lifts

Good Mornings

Glute Bridge

Calf Raises

Donkey Kicks

Front Foot Elevated Split Squat

Skater Jumps

Work those legs!

If you’re looking for even more more leg work, why not take a look at these 15 squats for strengthening the lower body.