Photo by Lukas from Pexels.

Exercising at home isn’t always easy. And though there are countless online resources to help us keep fit inside the house, sometimes motivation can wane, and doing the same things everyday can start to feel tedious.

So in the spirit of variety and diversity, we thought we’d share 8 pieces of exercise equipment which are great for anyone looking to create a mini home gym on a budget. That way, if the day ever comes when you’d like a bit of a change from exercising in front of a screen, you have something else to go at!


The classic tool for building up those arms. Dumbbells are an absolute must-have for any home gym. They’re cheap, small, convenient, and very versatile. With a couple of dumbbells lying around, you’ll never be stuck for things to do during your workouts.


Much like dumbbells, kettlebells are a home-workout staple. They’re incredibly dynamic pieces of equipment, capable of working an impressive amount of muscles.

By incorporating kettlebells into workouts, you’ll stand to improve your overall strength, core power, balance, and flexibility. They’re also great for burning fat and sculpting lean muscles.

Yoga mat

For those times when the floor beckons, be it for sit-ups, leg raises, or a simple bridge. It’s always good to have some padding on-hand to protect our backs from the hard ground.

And not only are yoga mats great for traditional workouts, they’re also good for, well, yoga. Having a yoga mat in the cupboard gives you the option to take your exercise regime in a different direction every now and then. And, of course, incorporating yoga into your wellness programme is a fantastic way to keep flexible and fit!

Resistance band

Resistance bands are excellent workout multi-tools with a host of benefits and functions. You can use them for building strength, weightlifting, increasing mobility, and even as part of rehabilitation programmes.

Skipping ropes

No home gym is complete without some form of cardio equipment. And skipping ropes may just be one of the cheapest, handiest, and most effective cardio exercise tools around.

It’s said that even the ancient Egyptians used ropes for skipping, so if time is any indicator, we can be pretty certain it’s a failsafe way to keep fit!

HIIT cards

When you can’t get to the gym for your weekly HIIT class, why not try a HIIT-inspired card game instead? Designed to give you a different workout everyday, Shuffl is an exercise game based entirely on chance. Great for keeping things fresh and exciting.

Foam roller

No workout, at home or at the gym, is complete without a proper cool-down. And foam rollers are wonderful tools for helping to relieve muscle soreness and increase the range of motion in your joints.

Mix up your workouts

For a little bit of variety, why not take a look at these 9 push-up variations that you can slot into your daily home workouts.