Many people agree that a good warm-up is an essential part of any safe and effective exercise routine.
Stretching helps to loosen up the muscles and prevent injury, and a proper warm-up routine may even improve your performance and overall technique.
It only takes a relatively short amount of time to get sufficiently warmed-up. And whether you’re a runner, a swimmer, or just a general cardio fanatic, there’s a warm-up out there to suit you.

So here are 7 warm-up routines for any occasion.

The runner’s warm-ups

The functional warm-up

The weightlifting warm-up

The cardio warm-up

The full body warm-up

The swimmer’s warm-up

The yogi warm-up

Stretch a little further

If you’d like to go slightly deeper into the more technical aspects of warming up, why not take a look at our post on how to stretch like a pro.