For anyone who finds it hard to motivate themselves to exercise, a personal trainer can work wonders. Trainers help us keep on the right side of the gym. They motivate and inspire us, and aid us in achieving optimum levels health and fitness.

But what exactly are the advantages of hiring a personal trainer? Well, we’ve got six. Keep reading to find out what they are. . .

1 – Personal trainers educate us

At the most basic level, personal trainers teach us how to exercise. They show us proper form and technique, teach us how to build routines around our goals, and offer nutritional advice.

In order to achieve our individual goals, we need to know what exercises and lifestyle choices will suit us best. But this can be difficult to figure out on our own, especially if we aren’t fitness experts.  This is where the personal trainer comes in. It’s their job to teach us what we need to know so that, in the end, we can go off on our own with the knowledge and confidence to guide ourselves to our goals.

2 – You get a tailored workout

A personal trainer will tailor each session to your particular needs. It’s not a blanket, one-size-fits-all approach. And they won’t just recycle a preexisting lesson that may or may not be suitable for you. Your specific exercise programme will be unique, devised to target the areas that you want to work on.

This can be especially beneficial to anyone with injuries or health conditions. A trainer will know how far to push you, which exercises to avoid, and the best approach for you to take when exercising independently. They’ll be able to help you workout efficiently, safely, and get the most out of your exercise regime.

3 – They help in setting and achieving goals

There are two factors that frequently stop people from achieving their health and fitness goals: unrealistic expectations, and motivation.

Personal trainers can help us refine our goals by making them more attainable. They also provide the constant support needed to push us towards achieving those goals. Which then gives us confidence and motivates us to work. So, single-handedly, a personal trainer can help us overcome two major obstacles to long-term fitness success.

4 – You can’t cheat a trainer

Just like a piano teacher, a personal trainer knows when we haven’t been practising. They can assess our progress in realtime, and hold us accountable for making progress and working hard.

Essentially, personal trainers hold us responsible for maintaining our own health and fitness. They nudge us along and encourage us, providing moral support and gentle goading (or sometimes not so gentle) along the way.

With a personal trainer, you can’t skip a session without someone else knowing about it. And you can’t take it easy on the rowing machine, because they’re right there watching you. Your trainer will remember your goals, even when you don’t, and hold you accountable for achieving them.

5 – It provides a varied workout

A monotonous workout regime is often enough to put us off exercising altogether. We’ve all experienced those feelings of boredom, fatigue, and restlessness that accompany an uninspiring workout. We just want to get it over and done with and get home.

If we’re not careful, we can easily fall into an unproductive, lazy routine, where we find ourselves repeating the same things over and over. And without proper goals or any real sense of direction, this sort of routine can result in us giving up on our fitness pursuits entirely.

But with a personal trainer it’s always different. No two days are the same. Your trainer will push you so that you can’t get bored. And they’ll introduce you to new kinds of exercises and ways to work out, keeping things fresh. You’ll find yourself doing things you would never have tried on your own. So you’ll be anything but bored!

6 – It’s rewarding, fun, and empowering

Having someone by your side, encouraging you as you struggle through those final reps, can make a huge difference to your confidence and motivation. Personal trainers empower us by cheering us on and pushing us to do things we would never try by ourselves. They can make us do two more reps than we thought we were capable of. Or keep us running for half a minute longer. And, ultimately, being pushed like this is an exhilarating and exciting experience.

With a personal trainer, you’ll make progress faster than you imagined. You’ll see results, get fitter and healthier, and the time will fly whilst you’re doing it. It really is a great way to work out.

What now?

If you’ve never really considered hiring a personal trainer before but think that it might be for you, why not get in touch? We have some amazing personal trainers working here at Jesmond Pool. If you’d like to know more, you can drop in to see us at reception, send us an email (, or give us a call on 0191 281 2482.