A hot stone massage (also known as hot stone therapy) is a type of massage designed to promote relaxation and relieve tension in muscles and tissues.

It involves (as you might imagine) a series of flat, hot, stones being placed on particular parts of the body. These can include the spine, chest, face, stomach, palms, feet, and toes.

It’s a very relaxing and interesting form of massage. And for those who are unfamiliar with it, we’re going to share 5 reasons why a hot stone massage makes for such a wonderful experience.

Muscle relaxation

As mentioned above, a hot stone massage loosens up and relaxes the muscles. The heat from the stones encourages blood flow and opens the muscles up for deeper manipulation. The total effect being a very deep physical relaxation. Good for those with tight and sore muscles!

Pain relief 

Though all types of massage can be beneficial in this area, a hot stone massage may prove particularly effective for those seeking pain relief. Due to the temperature of the stones and the extent of muscle relaxation (mentioned above), the therapist is able to go deeper with their massage. This means that a hot stone massage may leave you feeling more rejuvenated than alternative methods that don’t employ heat.

But always remember to let your therapist know if the stones are causing any pain during the massage!

Improved circulation

Usually, the heated stones will be placed on specific parts of the body which some people refer to as “energy centres”. When heated, the blood vessels beneath these areas will dilate, which increases blood flow and ultimately encourages better circulation.

Increased circulation also helps to deliver more oxygen to the muscles, which may help to reduce general aches and pains.

Stress management

Massages are generally known for their stress-relieving qualities, but there’s some real evidence to back up this claim. One study, for example, found that massage therapy can improve both sleep quality and mood. Whilst another showed that cortisol (a stress-related hormone) levels in participants’ saliva had actually decreased after a massage.

Massages in general may also be a way to aid treatment for existing illnesses. According to Mary Beth Braun, President of the AMTA, “Massage therapy can be effective for a variety of conditions, including arthritis, lower back pain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, circulatory problems, and recovery from a sports injury.” This, then, could potentially help to alleviate symptom-related stress.

Makes you feel good!

If there’s one thing massages are universally praised for, it’s their ability to induce feelings of deep relaxation. They can be incredibly refreshing, especially at the end of a hectic day/week.

Not only that, but a study has found that the pleasurable qualities of a massage can lead to improved body image.

Get some stones

Ultimately a hot stone massage is an experience worth trying. Not only is it relaxing, satisfying, and rejuvenating, but it offers something a little bit different to the average massage. Who knows, it may become your new favourite!

If you’d like more information on this type of massage therapy, keep an eye on the Jala Therapies website (where it will be coming soon). And always remember to consult with a professional if you feel uncertain about whether this type of massage is right for you. Or, for more massage-related content, take a look at The Soothing, Healing Benefits Of An Indian Head Massage.