Photo by Guduru Ajay bhargav from Pexels

We’ve talked previously about 5 impressive health benefits of swimming. But the thing is, it has so many benefits that it seems unfair to only mention 5. So, to quench the thirst of swimming enthusiasts everywhere, we thought we’d provide 5 more reasons to jump in the pool and get swimming! Here we go. . .

1 – Improves Coordination

Your body engages lots of muscles when swimming. Upper body, lower body, hands, arms, legs, feet, head. All your limbs have to work together in order to not only keep you afloat but keep you moving. So coordination is crucial for success in the water.

Learning to move the different parts of your body separately, at varying speeds, in perfect rhythm, is great for building coordination skills.

2 – Anyone can do it

The thing about swimming is that it’s extremely accessible. Go down to your local pool and you’ll see people of all ages, from toddlers to pensioners, in the water.

Due to its low-impact nature, swimming doesn’t impose many physical barriers on the swimmer. As long as you know how to swim, it doesn’t matter how old or how fit you are. You can jump in for a few good lengths (or widths) without having to worry about your stamina or strength or fitness level.

This also makes it a particularly good choice for people recovering from certain injuries. Or those who just need something easy on the joints. Swimming provides the perfect balance between leisure and intensity, and lets you increase or decrease your effort at will.

3 – Strengthens the core

Swimming is great for your core. Despite the fact that it’s generally heavier on the upper body, it engages so many muscles that the core naturally gets an excellent workout.

Not only that, but it can also help make you lean and toned. Swimmer’s shoulders, anyone?

4 – Increases flexibility

The range of motion required to swim, along with the unusual muscle movements, can aid and encourage flexibility. The fact that there’s little stress being put on your joints and bones means that your muscles can relax. And when your muscles are relaxed, there’s more opportunity for them to stretch out.

Swimming can also be a great way of recovering after a more intense workout, as swimming can help prevent muscle tightness.

5 – It’s fun

Most importantly, swimming is just plain fun. Whether you’re jumping in at the deep end, swimming casual lengths, or racing, the water is an enjoyable place to exercise.

Part of what makes swimming fun is that it lets you mix leisure with exercise. If you go along with friends and family, you can combine your workout with socialisation. Swim a few lengths, hang around in the shallow end for a while, swim some more lengths, and so on.

Also, lots of us have positive childhood memories associated with days spent swimming, and these all come flooding back (literally) whenever we get in the pool.

Get swimming!

So, if all this talk of water has left you itching for a swim, why not come down to Jesmond Pool? You can find opening times on our website, and prices for swimming are listed here.