30-day challenges are very popular. Whether it’s for getting fit, losing weight, or quitting sugar, there are countless online programmes designed to guide us through 30 days of change and transformation.

What’s particularly appealing about the 30-day challenge model is that it provides us with achievable and reasonable goals. It’s a big ask to commit to 20 push-ups every morning for the rest of your life. But 30 days? That’s doable.

When it comes to working out, short-term challenges also give us an opportunity to try out different types of exercise routines. And they can allow us to hone our attention on certain aspects of training that we’d like focus more heavily on. For example, if you feel that your abs training is a little bit lagging, then a 30-day challenge might be just what you need to supercharge your core.

Ultimately, though, 30-day challenges give us a sense of real achievement. Once you reach the final day you’ve done it. You’ve achieved what you set out to achieve, and that can have wonderful effects on your motivation and self-esteem.

So, with all that said, here are 5 brilliant and free 30-day workout challenges for you to get stuck into!

The Impossible Abs – Darebee 

Darebee is an incredible resource, filled with a huge amount of free fitness programmes and workouts. This challenge consists of a mixture of leg raises, side bridges, and elbow planks, which increase in intensity each day. The last two days will see you doing 66 side leg raises, 66 side bridges, and a 3-minute elbow plank hold.

Legs of Steel – Darebee

Another Darebee challenge. “Legs of Steel” does exactly what it promises, bringing you 30 days of lunges!

Military Athlete Workout Programme – Muscle & Strength

According to its description, this workout is designed to “strengthen your mind, increase your fitness level overall, and give you the satisfaction that you were able to complete a challenging program”. It may be more suited to the gym, or someone who has plenty of equipment at home, but if you have access to the right tools then this challenge will really get your upper body working.

30 Day Fitness Challenge – Fitwirr

This all-round challenge is designed to help you lose weight and burn fat. The exercises involved are very broad, and include lunges, push-ups, and side planks amongst others. One of the best features of this challenge is how varied the programme is day-to-day, making it a great choice for those who like to mix-up their workouts.

4 Week Summer Shred Challenge – Chloe Ting

This is listed as a weight-loss, abs, and full body challenge. This is a perfect challenge for beginners or those who prefer guidance throughout their workouts, as each exercise in the challenge is accompanied by a tutorial video link.

Challenge yourself

These challenges should keep you going for a while. But reaching day 30 doesn’t mean you have to stop pushing yourself. To keep the challenge going why not take a look at these 6 plyometric exercises to turbo-boost your workouts, try these 9 push-up variations, or have a go at our lunchtime workout.