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Rowing is a fantastic form of exercise. It’s the cardio all-rounder, providing a full, thorough, and satisfying workout every time.

Not only that, but rowing can also be incredibly calming. The repetitive actions involved, and psychical rhythm developed by the movements, can often induce states of relaxation and heightened mindfulness.

It also turns out that there are quite a few benefits associated with rowing. And today we’re going to share 4 of our favourites. . .

Rowing gives a low-impact, full-body workout

Rowing machines are one of the few stationary exercise devices that provide a thorough upper body workout. Working all sorts of muscles, including the back, shoulders, and arms (as well as the muscles of the lower body, of course). This makes rowing an excellent choice for anyone looking to develop an all-round fitness regime. 

It’s also incredibly gentle as far as impact goes. The fact that your feet remain still means that there’s very little strain on the joints and bones. So it’s a great choice for anyone who is unable to undertake more strenuous and impactful exercises.

It’s an effective calorie burner

Rowing is an extremely powerful way to burn calories. In fact, it’s said that you can burn up to 654 calories per hour from rowing (depending on your weight and exercise intensity). So for those looking to lose weight and shred fat, rowing could be the perfect fit. 

Rowing makes for healthy hearts and lungs

Rowing is a form of cardiovascular training, and when it comes to heart health, cardio exercise has many well-documented benefits. From lower blood pressure to improved blood flow. The heart is, after all, a muscle, and muscles need to be worked if we’re to keep them strong and healthy.

Also, rowing makes the large muscle groups of your body work continuously and repetitively for an extended period of time, which technically makes it both a cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. Which further increases its potential health benefits

Builds strength 

Anyone who’s tried rowing for any length of time knows it’s no easy task. It’s taxing on the muscles and can be very fatiguing. But with a bit of perseverance rowing can be a great method for building all-round strength.

Also, one of the main muscles targeted by rowing are the quadriceps. And well-developed quadriceps provide us with greatly enhanced functional strength in the lower body. This also makes activities such as walking, jogging, and squatting much easier to carry out.    

Less impact, more exercise

As mentioned above, rowing provides a great low-impact workout. And if you’re on the lookout for more exercises that offer a less strenuous path to fitness, why not take a look at our post on Low Intensity Interval Training