Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

The squat is one of the most effective compound exercises for building and toning the lower body. When performed correctly, they can strengthen most of the muscles in your lower body, including the thighs, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. They also work the abs and core too.

Generally speaking, squats are one of the most functional human movements, and are a fundamental aspect of smooth and painless mobility. And because of the particular muscles they target, squats can also improve balance and stability, and help us jump higher and run faster!

Yes, as an all-rounder squats are hard to beat. And for those who like variety, there’s no shortage of variations to shake up your workouts. But, ultimately, the squats you squat depend on your workout style and fitness goals. So to help you along, we’ve compiled a few our favourite squat types to give you an idea of the diversity and range of this classic exercise. 

Bodyweight squats

Goblet squats

Sumo squats

Pulse squats

Squat jumps

Isometric squats

Eagle squat

Lateral squats

Squat walk

Frog squats

Bear crawl squats

Pistol squats

Squat tuck jump

Eccentric squats

Now push. . .

Don’t forget, the best exercise routines are all about balance. So once you’re lower body’s taken a beating from all those squats, why not even it out with these 9 push-up variations?